15 Amazing Holiday Gifts That’ll Make You Your Boss’ Favorite Employee

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If you’ve been trying to impress your boss since the day you’ve scored the job, now’s your chance. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s the ideal time to get your boss a gift that’ll get you on his/her good side this upcoming year. The good news is, you don’t have to completely break the bank in order to get your supervisors something they’ll love. In fact, there are tons of gifts your boss would not only like, but needs this holiday season — and the good news is, we’ve made it super easy for you!

Whether you’re looking to get them something they could use while they’re in the office, or something they could use at home to help them unwind from their stressful days at work, we’ve got a bunch of options that’ll make you the star employee at the office. Also, we’d hate to get ahead of ourselves, but these gifts are SO good that they may even score you that promotion you’ve been hoping for. *winks* Okay, so maybe not… but we’re sure it’ll help. Take a look: