Your Guide to the Rest of the Books Being Turned Into Movies This Year

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It’s been a big year already for books being turned into movies, and things aren’t slowing down as we move closer to awards season. It seems like every three weeks or so, another movie based on a book is coming out. It can be exhausting.

…but hey, that doesn’t mean it has to be! Why not send me on ahead as a scout to figure out which of these movies you can get away with seeing without reading the book, which ones you should do both and which you can skip seeing altogether in favor of just reading it, so you never have to see an amazing book ruined? (I’m still not over it, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Lovely Bones!)

Given that we haven’t actually seen any of these movies yet, we’ll be relying on the trailers and the buzz, so it’s absolutely possible that we could be wrong in our predictions. But we’re all adults here, so let’s just admit that in our years on the planet, we’ve gotten pretty good at spotting stinkers coming up the pipeline.

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