8 Books Every Girl Needs to Read If She Wants to Be a Bad-Ass

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Young women occupy a unique corner of the world. You have to constantly remind yourself that you are a bad-ass or you’ll let things like glass ceilings, inequality and terrible people hold you back from being the awesome person you were meant to be. With all the recent news of rape and victim blaming, it can be tempting to hide yourself away and avoid situations where you’re out of your comfort zone. But as sad as all of that news is, and as real as those threats are, it’s really important to live your life by putting yourself out there and experiencing things. Sometimes being a bad-ass can be hard, and advice is often needed. When you need an extra boost of motivation or confidence, there are, luckily, books you can turn to that can give you the inspiration you need.

When I graduated college, I was ready to conquer the world. However, some setbacks and terrible guys, combined with a struggle of finding work, made me doubt my greatness. I even had to move back home so that I could regroup and try to remember the person I used to be. Now that I’m on the other side, I love reading about women who took chances and changed history. I’m constantly surrounding myself with powerful women so that I can stay in that mindset.

You’re a bad-ass who gets what she wants. Here are some must-reads for any girl who wants to be that bad-ass and just needs a little extra help getting there. Add these to your summer reading list ASAP:

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