7 Books to Read if You’re Totally Obsessed with The Kissing Booth

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By now, we’re pretty certain that you’ve watched Netflix’s new teenage rom-com, The Kissing Booth. Whether you’re a fan of the film or not, stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi have been blowing up our feed ever since (especially because they’re also dating in real life!). But did you know that the movie is actually based on a book of the same name?

Author Beth Reekles (who is only 20!) originally wrote The Kissing Booth on Wattpad, a digital platform for young authors. Since then, she’s written a ton of more books. If you’re one of the film’s many fans, you may want to crack open the book version and see how it differs.

But what if you’re looking for some books to read that are similar to The Kissing Booth? Well you’ll be happy to know, then, that there are a ton of novels like TKB, some even by Beth herself, as well!