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The Bold Type was Renewed… for TWO Seasons! BUT, Big Changes are Coming

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If it feels like Christmas came early this year, that’s because it did! Fan-favorite Freeform show The Bold Type has officially been picked up for two more seasons!

The Hollywood Reporter has officially confirmed that The Bold Type will be returning for a Season 2 and 3. The first season concluded in September and was SO good that we may or may not have made several unofficial threats in our heads to the network if the show didn’t return, and holy dreams come true, here we are. But if you haven’t seen the first season (and seriously, what have you been doing?!), allow us to fangirl while breaking it down.

It’s about three young women in their early 20s all working their way up at the same magazine in different departments and it’s extremely inspiring. The three best friends, played by Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy, are extremely driven and ambitious. The show also tackles sexual assault, sexuality and the pressure so many young people feel after college trying to balance their careers with adult life. Moving forward, however, the show will continue to tackle the issues but with some changes to its creative team.

TWO MORE SEASONS WITH MY BEST FRIENDSSSSS! Woke up and had to pinch myself! God is good. So thankful, and so so excited!

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Series creator Sarah Watson will NOT be returning due to creative differences, but the show will move forward with MTV’s Sweet/Vicious showrunner, Amanda Lasher. According to Karey Burke, Executive VP of Programming and Development at Freeform, the show plans to continue giving important issues a platform.

“At Freeform, we are committed to delivering shows that celebrate the power and possibility of the female voice,” Karey told The Hollywood Reporter. “Season 1 of The Bold Type brought culturally significant stories to the masses that not only entertain, but also empower our viewers to conquer the world — we are excited to continue to champion these incredible women.”

An air date for Season 2, of course, has not yet been released, but patience is a virtue. BRB while we spread the news, and then take part in an hour-long happy dance.