12 Incredible Bobby Pin Hacks You Won’t Believe You Once Lived Without

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Bobby pins are great for holding your hair when you’re trying to create an updo, but that’s not the only thing they can do. Keep reading to see how else you can use those nifty little barrettes in your everyday life and you’ll be saying, ‘WTF — How did I survive without knowing these things?!’ in no time at all.

1. You’ve probably been wearing your bobby pins with the smooth side toward your scalp for your whole life — turns out, this is wrong! Flip the pins the opposite way for better grip in your hair and styles that last all day:

2. Bobby pins are great for holding hair in place, but they can also be amazingly cute accessories:

3. Instantly get some volume in your ponytail by attaching two bobby pins to the hair tie:

4. Bobby pins aren’t only useful for hair — here’s how you can turn one into a fun manicure tool:

5. Don’t have a contouring brush but want cheekbones to kill? Make one of your own!

6. Grab a slightly bigger bobby pin and do the same thing to make a fan brush:

7. If you find that your bobby pins often slip out of your hair, try spraying them with hairspray first for a little more grip:

8. You don’t have to spend more money on funky bobby pins — paint ’em with nail polish instead!

9. Want to seriously impress your friends? Remove the focusing lens from a laser pointer, slip a bobby pin around it and attach it to your iPhone. This will allow you to take AWESOME up-close pics using nothing but your cell camera:

10. Here’s the right way to pin a twist in your hair:

11. You can buy a million bobby pins, and yet somehow they always seem to go missing. Stop this from happening by attaching a magnetic strip to the inside of one of your drawers:

12. Another option is to re-purpose an old Tic Tac container to store your pins:

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