Former Smosh Guy Accused of Emotional Manipulation by Fellow YouTuber

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It was just over two weeks ago that Anthony Padilla revealed that he would be leaving Smosh after creating videos on the channel for 12 years. Wow — it’s still so weird to say that! The world was shocked, heartbroken, excited, etc; basically every emotion you can feel. The 29-year-old was also very emotional, tearing up multiple times in the YouTube videos that announced his departure. But according to a YouTuber named Bobby Burns, the waterworks were totally fake.

The YT guy says Ant was performing the whole time and his solo video called “Why I Left Smosh” was “a perfect case study of a YouTuber manipulating their audiences.”

BB explained, “I’m not saying [Anthony] is not sad he left the company. I’m not saying he’s not going to miss working with his friend on a YouTube show. All the actual things he said in the video are probably true, but he presented these feelings and thoughts in such a calculated way that it doesn’t feel genuine at all.”

The smaller YouTuber also picked apart AP’s video, calling out all the “tactics” he used (like avoiding eye contact, excessively sighing, etc.) that are actually signs of emotional manipulation. Anthony was Bobby’s main target, yes, but he was also very clear that TONS of other creators do this to their audiences regularly. Here’s his video in full:

Bobby makes some interesting points, but we’re not sure where we stand on this one.

Anthony still makes his own YouTube videos, but these YouTubers said goodbye to the site for good: