Blue Ivy Sings Along With Beyonce in Newly-Released Grammys Rehearsal Footage

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As if Beyonce and Blue Ivy weren’t already the cutest mother/daughter duo ever, we guarantee you’ll have a whole new love for them after watching this. Recently, a video from Bey’s Grammys sound check (and or rehearsal) surfaced and towards the end of the performance, we hear a little voice, who we assume is Beyonce’s 2-year-old daughter, singing along to “Drunk In Love.”

Yes, not only does little BIC repeat “Surfboard” a few times just like her momma, as Beyonce wraps up she gives a shout out to her little girl saying either “Hi Blue Blue” or “Hi Boo Boo.” (We can’t really tell and either greeting is totally feasible.) THEN things get even cuter when Blue starts repeating “Hi mommy” over and over again. If that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will. (Skip to 4:40 to get to the good stuff. Though, it’s all good, but you know what we mean.)

UPDATE: the video has been taken down 🙁

How cute is the look on Bey’s face after Blue says “Hi Mommy!” Sooo, are you dying or what? Sound off in the comments section to let us know how cute it was!

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