The 15 Most Important Blue Ivy Gifs That Exist

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Ever since she was born into celebrity royalty on January 7th, 2012, Blue Ivy Carter has been the apple of the media's eye. However, during her first precious months of life Mommy Beyonce and Daddy Jay-Z aimed to protect her from paparazzi and the inquiring public by any means, and only recently allowed footage of Blue to be released. As a result, we have finally been granted a glimpse into one of the most adorable and arguably, the most powerful celebrity family in the world.

So, in case your Sunday needs a cuteness pick-me-up, we rounded up the most significant GIFs of Ms. Princess Carter we could find. Good luck getting through this post without squeeing in delight.

Important because: You can see Beyonce say "Oh, I love you so much." Adorbs.

tumblr/beyxminaj llwhite/tumblr

Important because: Blue can see your soul.


Important because: Blue thinks Waves > Momma Beyonce.


Important because: This is the first filmed Bey/Blue kiss released for public consumption.


Important because: Baby Blue is reaching out, blessing us with her presence.


Important because: I want that dress.


Important because: Blue would rather chew on an iPhone 5 than a video game controller. Girl knows her priorities.


Important because: No one else can look this good twirling in a diaper.


Important because: Blue is doing the robot. So, obviously.


Important because: Blue looks like she has something very important to say but then decides against it.


Important because: This is proof that Blue is the coolest baby ever. Who else was allowed to go to a blacklight party un-potty-trained? Certainly not me.


Important because: A princess was announced into being.


Important because: There will never be anything cuter.


Check out Blue's parents gettin' steamy in Beyonce's new music video!

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