10 Blonde Beauties You Didn’t Know Were Actually Born Brunette

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Some celebrities are major hair color chameleons. How many colors has Kylie Jenner been by now? Pink, green, yellow, black… (She’s not the only one who’s rocked unnatural-colored hues, by the way.) Other stars bounce between hair colors for different roles and just for fun — we still can’t decide if Emma Stone looks better as a ginger or a blonde. Let’s just put it this way: Female celebrities tend to change their hair as often as they change their boyfriends!

That being said, there are plenty of stars who have found their perfect shade and stuck with it. And for many of them, those colors are verrrrry different from the colors they were born with! It’s time to find out which of your favorite blondes are actually brunettes in disguise. Brace yourself: