6 Times Blake Lively Had a Wardrobe Malfunction, But Still Looked Perfect

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Everyone pretty much agrees that Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen was the biggest fashion icon of the late 2000s. Everyone also agrees that Blake Lively, the actress who brought the character to life on the CW hit, is one of the biggest style icons in the history of forever. Her plunging necklines, royalty-approved gowns and daring wardrobe choices have graced the most elite fashion magazines in the world since her rise to fame when she was, like, a fetus. From her leather-and-lace look at the Savages premiere (Google it, seriously) to that teeny-tiny sequined number at the CFDAs, to the most beautiful sparkly Chanel gown we’ve literally ever seen, her outfits sometimes make us wonder — is she even a real person?!

Some may assume she’s simply too perfect to be an actual human, but, as it turns out, she is real (shocking, we know). And literally the only reason we’re sure she’s not a glorious, goddess-like figment of our imaginations is that she, just like the rest of the world, occasionally suffers a wardrobe malfunction! Celebrities: they’re just like us!

Although the tabloids might tell you otherwise, we assure you — the 29-year-old’s style mishaps are pretty darn minor compared to those that have happened to other famous females. In some cases, like that time the bottom half of her ball gown literally ripped off on a red carpet, she even fixed them herself, giggling and saying she’s blessed to be #crafty.

We’re just gonna say it — we idolize the Shallows actress. And with each wardrobe malfunction she brushes off like a perfect queen, we learn to admire her confidence more and more. But if you feel the need to remember she’s a human every once in a while (like us), scroll down to take a look at some of her fashion faux pas. And then, take a deep breath; she’s a normal girl!