Blake Lively Unfollows Everyone on Instagram, Including Ryan Reynolds

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When fans noticed that Blake Lively unfollowed husband Ryan Reynolds and completely wiped her Instagram account clean yesterday, rumors immediately started swirling about what may have caused Blake’s sudden social media purge. Luckily, the answer is NOT that Blake and Ryan are splitting up — in fact, the move comes as a result of some deviously clever marketing…

Blake also tweeted out a picture of a Hangman game with an answer that spells out the words, “What happened to Emily?”

So, is this Emily Nelson some kind of “homewrecker” who came between Blake and Ryan, who Blake is now out for social media revenge against? IS EMILY THE NEW BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR?!

It turns out, NO. Blake’s Instagram reboot is a part of an ingenious publicity stunt for her upcoming feature film, A Simple Favor. The film also stars Anna Kendrick, and is directed by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. The movie is an adaptation of a book by the same name and follows the story of a woman named Emily Nelson, played by the Gossip Girl alum, who mysteriously vanishes. (Hence why Blake cryptically “vanished” from social media and started ONLY following users named Emily Nelson. Talk about a genius way to create buzz!)

Fans were definitely concerned that something was up between Blake and Ryan when news of Blake’s Insta purge broke — especially since that seems to be a trendy way for celebs to “announce” their splits these days. But thankfully this is all just a carefully crafted publicity stunt by Blake, and one that the Deadpool star is most certainly in support of.