Blake Lively Doesn’t Need Rachel Zoe. She’s Her Own Stylist. So There.

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When celebrities take the RC they’re usually dressed by some of the best stylists in the business because, well, because they can be. But this isn’t the case for Blake Lively. No Rachel Zoe for her! According to her Glamour interview, Blake styles herself. Those gorg dresses we always see her wearing? She picks ’em out. We’re jealous.

But why is Blake her own stylist?

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Blake told the mag:

“I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!” What a fun hobby that is.

What do you think of Blake’s decision to be her own stylist? Do you like her style? Would she be better off with a stylist? Tell us in the comments!