Blake Griffin Sued by Ex for Palimony Because of Kendall Jenner Relationship

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Everyone talks about Blake Griffin’s current relationship with Kendall Jenner, but people forget that he basically ditched his ex and baby mama, Brynn Cameron, who he was with on and off for eight years, to be with the model. According to TMZ, the 31-year-old is suing the NBA star for palimony, which is basically alimony for people who were cohabitants but not married.

In the lawsuit, the blonde claims that she and the 28-year-old made an oral agreement in 2013 that she would quit her job and focus on raising their two children so that he could focus on getting a big NBA contract. He also “promised explicitly that, whatever the future might hold, he would take care of [her] financially and provide her a home for the rest of her life.”

But just a month before the pair was set to get married in July 2017, he allegedly asked her to sign a prenup. She refused, stating that this went against their previous agreement and he called off the wedding a week before it was supposed to happen. He then “immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with [Kendall Jenner]. The next weekend, on what would have been his wedding day, he was partying in Vegas.”

Blake and Brynn were apparently going to couple’s therapy following the wedding halt, but he never stopped seeing the 22-year-old.

Eventually, the athlete stopped paying her “full financial support commensurate with her lifestyle and her share of their joint property” and she and her children were left homeless when he moved to Detroit to play for the Pistons.

“While Griffin is continuing to earn millions from his NBA and endorsement deals, Cameron and their children are homeless and cash-strapped,” the suit states. “In Griffin’s absence, Cameron’s brother has had to provide Cameron and the children with financial support.”

She says his actions were “cruelly embarrassing his family” and Brynn calls him a “hard-partying man-child” who she did “everything” for.

“Griffin abandoned his family because he cared more about the glamour of being a Hollywood celebrity than being a father and family man,” the lawsuit reads.

Blake’s ex is reportedly looking for millions in the suit, but an exact number is not known at this time.