A YouTube Beauty Guru Had a Secret Boyfriend for Weeks & You Had No Idea

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YouTube royalty Elle Fowler and Alex Goot tied the knot just over a month ago, but the beauty guru is not the only member of her family to find love.

Blair Fowler, Elle’s little sister and fellow YouTuber, just admitted that she has a secret boyfriend and we can confirm that they’ve been together for at least a month. You see, when we interviewed the 23-year-old at VidCon, she came to meet us along with a super hot guy, and even kissed him a few times. So unless the brunette met someone else recently, we think it’s pretty safe to say the hunk is her mystery bae.

While there was no info on the guy back then, Blair has been showing glimpses of a cutie on her Snapchat for a little while now, and she’s finally ready to confirm that they are, in fact, dating.

“[The man on my Snapchat] is my boyfriend and we did film a video the that I am so excited for you guys to see, so that will be up on my channel soon,” she said in a recent life update on her YouTube channel.

The former Amazing Race contestant has previously said she wasn’t going introduce her viewers to any new significant others until she had a ring on her finger, but decided to move away from that mindset in recent weeks.

“When I said that I had just gotten out of a relationship that had been very public on YouTube and it was hard for me to heal from that breakup because every time I went online it was asking me, ‘What happened with you guys? Are you gonna get back together?’ And I felt like I just kind of wanted to move on with my life and that was kind of holding me back, having to read comments about it every single day.”

Blair says she is “very confident in [her] relationship right now” and is looking forward to officially letting her viewers get to know him more and more.

Although Blair and her ex Sawyer Hartman were very public on YT when they were dating, they weren’t one of the pairs who filmed together following a split: