9 YA Books with Black Main Characters Written by Black Female Authors

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School is in full swing *sigh*, which means weekends are now full of studying, attempting to work on group projects and becoming masters at taking naps. Although schedules may already be full of required textbook readings and note-taking, it’s still super important to make sure that you find some time to read books for F-U-N.

Reading is one of our all-time favorite activities, especially when it helps us take a break from the reality of school, work and somehow finding time to socialize. We love to find new books that will instantly have their own spot on the bookshelf and discover authors who use their talents to bring characters to life and give voices to those who have been silenced.

While there are too many books to count that we have been waiting to be adapted into a TV show or movie, there are also a ton of new books coming out soon like Turtles All the Way Down by our fave, John Green. Yes, we love everything to do with popular YA novels, but it’s important to give some love to lesser-known books and authors as well.

It’s easy to just curl up and re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the millionth time, but we’re here to give you nine new books that you’ll want to rent from the library ASAP. (And yes, libraries are still really cool and everyone should take advantage of using their local library because what could be better than FREE BOOKS?!) We already finished reading all the books featuring Latino characters written by bad-ass Latino authors, so now we’re giving you nine new books all about black main characters written by incredible black female authors. So grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and light a candle and have a binge-reading marathon: