“Black Pearl” is the Hair Color You Never Knew You Needed… Until Now

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As we all would probably agree, spring is the time we generally feel the need to change our hair drastically. In years past, we watched as others lightened up their hair and sometimes dyed it bright and vibrant colors to welcome in the warmer weather. But this year, we’re seeing something totally new and different, and we’re absolutely LOVING it.

That’s right, you guys! Thanks to Florida-based hairstylist Neal Malek, “Black Pearl” hair is here and, because of it, we’re desperately trying to book our next appointment at the salon. Although Neal typically plays with super bright rainbow colors (which you can see on his Instagram), what actually caught our eye the most was this dark look with a muted rainbow of ashy pastel colors. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Luckily, Neal chatted with Allure about what inspired this unique look, and how we can go about achieving that same color on our own heads. He said, “The inspiration was the look of iridescence but on darker objects, like a black pearl or a black opal.” However, if you wanted to try it out on your own, BEWARE: it involves a lot of hard work.

According to Allure, the look still requires a lot of bleach, regardless of the fact that the tones are darker. In fact, all of the hair must be bleached before the pastels are added, making it just as much — if not more work than any other rainbow hair dye look you’ve seen in the past.

If you’re still set on rocking “Black Pearl” hair, though, the mag also included specific instructions, saying, “After lightening, Malek toned his client’s hair with pearl and silver to neutralize the warmth that naturally occurs after lightening dark, coarse hair. Then, he mixed together four custom hair dyes: a sooty purple for the roots and three different metallic pastels in an icy blue, violet, and lavender-toned pink. First, he brushed the smoky purple all over his client’s hair. Then, he gathered one-inch horizontal sections of her hair at a time, starting at the nape of her neck and moving upward. As he colored each section, he created three to six vertical subsections.” Wow… sounds complicated!

This probably comes as no surprise, given how much work Neal put into this look, but he told Allure that the entire process took a whopping five hours to do. Still, though, we have to admit that it’s some of the coolest hair we’ve seen in a long time, so if you’re willing to do what it takes, we say go for it! Plus, for those with naturally dark hair who’ve been told rainbow hair works best on people with light hair, you may finally be in luck. Neal told the mag, “Black pearl hair works best with darker hair types.” Well… what are you waiting for?!