9 Struggles All Black Girls Will Be Able to Relate To

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Every race, nationality, gender, etc. can complain until the cows come home about all of the sucky things that come along with their identity. (i.e. When you’re mixed race.) And being a black girl is no different. Because, while we obvi wouldn’t trade races with anyone — because that’s bizarre — these nine struggles still get to us from time to time:

1. The phrase, “For a black girl…” As in, you’re pretty/smart/funny/etc… for a black girl. Also known as the original backhanded compliment.

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2. Everyone assumes that you can dance well. Which sucks if, ya know, you can’t.

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3. The concept of “talking white.” LOL, this isn’t real, you guys. Stop it already.

4. Being asked if you can tan. “So, like, do I have skin? And do the suns rays come in contact with that skin? Well, yeah.”

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5. Finding your shade of makeup is a project. Does your skin have a red undertone? Or is it more yellow? WHO KNOWS?

6. “Nude” products being made for… not you. Unless you’re fair-skinned, in which case, how lucky are you to have band-aids that match you? So lucky.

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7. People thinking that all black people have the same features. Duh, black is a race which includes many ethnicities and nationalities.

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8. Having your history teachers look directly at you for support during the Black History section. It’s like, “Dude, I’m in this class like everyone else and I have as little a clue as they do.”

9. People being afraid to just call you black until you tell them that it’s okay. “Is it African-American? Is it Black-American? Is it –?” It’s… it’s just black, okay.

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