11 Shopping Hacks to Make Sure You Slay Black Friday 2017

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Black Friday — you’re either all for it, or can’t stomach the thought of participating; there’s really no in-between for most people. So now that November has hit and Thanksgiving is on its way, it’s time to figure out where you stand. Are you going to line up outside of Target with turkey and pumpkin pie still in your belly? Or will you be hanging on the couch with a Christmas movie on enjoying seconds (and thirds and fourths) of dinner?

While we’re kinda leaning towards the latter because it requires little to no effort besides chewing, we do understand not everyone feels this way. There are some sales on BF that are just too dang good to pass up, so our goal is to make sure that those of you brave souls who do decide to head to the mall on November 24th know what you’re getting into and how to set yourself up for the best results. Because Black Friday shopping isn’t only about getting out of there alive, it’s about getting out alive with some seriously envy-worthy merch. Good luck!

1. Serious shoppers do their store scouting the day before. — According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, only amateurs go Black Friday shopping at stores they haven’t recently been to. “If you know where to find something, skip the mayhem at the door, and make a beeline,” her blog advises. So put on your running shoes and start looking at layouts ASAP!

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2. Pack snacks so you don’t waste money. — The last thing you want to do on Black Friday is let someone else beat you to the last discounted laptop because you were too tired to make a run for it. Her Campus recommends keeping your energy up with snacks that you can easily pack in your pockets, purse, etc. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while you’re at it! Your loot depends on it.

3. Don’t go to Walmart unless you want to be added to the list of stampeded people. No joke. — In 2011, a girl was trampled during Black Friday shopping at Walmart, and the Black Friday Death Count says she wasn’t the first to suffer such a tragic fate. You should of course be careful wherever you end up shopping, but stay away from this particular chain if you can. No deal is ever that serious.

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4. Don’t wear red to Target — for obvious reasons.The Krazy Coupon Lady knows what she’s talking about when it comes to digging up deals, so if she says you shouldn’t wear red to Target on Black Friday, DON’T! Looking like an employee is only going to get other people confused and take away from your precious shopping time.

5. Freebie lovers, listen up! Get in line EARLY for extras. — If blogs are to be believed, snagging one of the first spots in line is good for many reasons. Not only will you (duh) get to the goods before everyone behind you, but if you’re lucky, you might get special coupons and gifts from the store. Worth a shot!

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6. Write up a budget plan before you get there. — We know, we know, you want to buy everything that’s on sale. But if you aren’t careful, Black Friday shopping can put a huge dent in your wallet instead of saving you money. So shop smart and head in with a budget plan in mind — and in hand! This blog’s got printable budget sheets.

7. Reusable bags > shopping carts. — Using a reusable bag isn’t just saving the world, but saving yourself. Instead of trying to navigate a bulky cart through Black Friday crowds, you can shove everything on your list into the bag on your shoulder. That’s advice straight from The Krazy Coupon Lady herself!

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8. Make sure you’re actually getting a deal with Amazon price matching. — If you aren’t using Amazon to scan barcodes and price match, then you’re doing Black Friday wrong. And lucky for you, Deal News has a list of chains who will adjust the prices of their products based on what you find on the web. It could make all the difference!

9. Only bring as much cash as you want to spend.Thrifty Little Mom thinks you should only shop with cash, and we do too! It sounds risky, but running from store to store with a credit card in hand is even riskier! If you don’t swipe, you can’t go over budget. See how that works?

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10. Use your phone in your favor. — Get your phone out of your pocket! Not only is it the best way to keep track of your besties when you split up in the store, but it’s the key to finding out exactly where the best deals for your budget are hiding. Nothing gets away from you this year!

11. Use the buddy system to help with your savings, and your sanity! — It’s the oldest tip in the book. Whether you’re enlisting the help of a reluctant friend or you are that enlisted reluctant friend, you’re doing Black Friday right! With a gal pal in tow, there’s no way you’ll be bored in line. Plus, you’ll be able to fan out and gather more goodies.


12. Save yourself the trouble and just… don’t. — Black Friday isn’t for everyone. So if just looking at this list made you want to breathe into a paper bag, don’t fret. No one said you couldn’t spend the 24th doing literally anything else, and remember, Cyber Monday happens just a few days later! Here are some ideas to get ya started: