8 Important Black Characters Killed Off of Your Favorite Teen Shows

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This has been one of the best years of television yet. From instant faves, like Riverdale, and long-running shows finally getting the closure we’ve been waiting for (we’re looking at you Pretty Little Liars), there have been tons of jaw-dropping and tear-jerking moments. No matter how much we prepare ourselves, we’re never ready to say goodbye to a beloved character, but last year we noticed an unfortunate trend: Some of the biggest lesbian characters on TV were killed off in 2016, which did NOT leave fans happy.

Representation, especially on television, is super important and can bring awareness and inclusiveness into the lives of the millions that watch the show. So why do shows continually kill off members of some of the most marginalized communities? We’re not sure of that answer… but we do know that there are similar trends still happening. Ugh! We rounded up some of the most painful, and sometimes unnecessary, deaths of important black characters from our fave teen television series: