This Black Barbie Doll Has Cornrows and People Have Mixed Feelings

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For a while now, toy manufacturer Mattel has been putting forth efforts to make Barbie dolls more inclusive. So far, she’s proven to be more than just a pretty face as she joined the workforce as a doctor and an astronaut, and she even became available in more than one body type to try to show little girls that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

That aside, people on social media lately have lots of mixed feelings about one of Mattel’s black dolls. Why? Because in a photo that was used to promote a new Barbie documentary, titled Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie, half of the black Barbie’s hair was braided into cornrows while the other half of her head was styled in a long, blonde bouffant. See?

Long story short, many people who caught a glimpse of the photo were not impressed. Case in point:

Clearly, this didn’t go over well. And while it’s clear that many people disapproved of the hairstyle (or hairstyles) featured on the doll, some were actually here for it:

Obviously, Barbie World is currently divided over whether or not the hairstyle is inclusive or crosses a line. Regardless, this isn’t the first time Mattel has found themselves in the middle of a Barbie controversy, and if we had to guess, it probably won’t be the last time either. Yikes!