There’s a Stolen Vid of Kylie Jenner’s BF Having Sex… With Her Brother’s Fiancee!

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Kardashian/Jenner family dinner were bound to be awkward AF, since, ya know, Rob Kardashian is now engaged to Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend’s ex. But even though the family dynamic was ALREADY uncomfortable, it just took a severe turn for the worse.

According to TMZ someone has gotten their hands on a sex tape Tyga and Blac Chyna made when they were still together, and is trying to sell it to various media outlets and pornography companies. While the public hasn’t seen the dirty video yet, the entertainment website reports that “the tattoos [of the people on camera] match,” and therefore can be assumed to be legitimate. Additionally, the 27 year old’s lawyer has released a statement to TMZ saying that the model will “go after anyone who releases the tape… with a vengeance.”

The leak came just hours before Rob and Chyna were left to deal with another invasion of privacy — a home invasion. Cops told TMZ “more than $200 thousand in cash and jewelry” were stolen from the safe in the woman’s California home, and the only male Kardashian sibling was the one discovered the crime. Apparently, there were “no obvious signs of entry, and the safe wasn’t busted open,” meaning that it’s quite possible that whoever broke in was someone the couple knew personally.

We’re not sure if the two incidents are connected, but the timing seems just a bit too coincidental, don’t you think?


Rob’s older sister is just one of the stars whose sex tape got leaked on the Internet: