Blac Chyna is Suing the ENTIRE Kardashian Family for Multiple Reasons

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Less than a month after Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner filed a lawsuit against Blac Chyna, she is suing the entire family right back. TMZ reports that the 29-year-old claims that the Kardashians are the reason why her reality show, Rob & Chyna, got canceled, which ultimately made her lose out on a ton of money.

Apparently, BC claims that the Kardashian family “interfered with the shooting of” the reality show so much that production couldn’t properly film and therefore it got the boot. Chyna claims in the lawsuit that her ex-fiance’s family used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season.”

Sources connected to the network told TMZ a different story. According to them, CHYNA was actually the cause of the show’s demise, because she refused to be in the same room as her baby daddy and therefore filming was impossible.

In addition to suing the Kardashians for interfering on her career, BC is also after them for battery, because the 30-year-old allegedly got violent during an April fight. The lawsuit states that “Rob grabbed her phone, knocked her to the ground … and she ended up calling her son King’s nanny for help.”

You’ll recall that Rob previously claimed the former stripper was the one who abused him during a fight, which is why he sued her for battery and assault.

Chyna also provided disturbing text messages allegedly came from Rob, saying that he planned to kill himself because she wouldn’t respond to his texts. There is also a photo of a handful of pills that he reportedly sent her during one of their arguments.

This is clearly and incredibly toxic relationship that is better off not happening.

While Rob and Kylie are teaming up against his ex now, he was once the king of dissing his siblings: