Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend’s Ex Might’ve Just Told the World He’s Gay

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The relationship among Kylie Jenner, Tyga and Blac Chyna has always been tumultuous, but the most recent drama fest is perhaps the most shocking.

We’re not sure what provoked it, but the 28-year-old recently went OFF on her ex-fiance on Snapchat, saying he kicked her out back in the day and doesn’t pay child support for their son, King Cairo. While those claims are pretty serious, Rob Kardashian‘s girlfriend also challenged the 27-year-old rapper to tell his current girlfriend and her brother about their child’s finances…and used a homophobic slur to describe him.

Snapchat (blacchynala)

Snapchat (blacchynala)

Needless to say, a lot of people think this means Chyna is saying Tyga is actually gay.

Rob’s baby mama then posted ANOTHER super-confusing Snapchat, this time saying the rapper is having sex with someone on the side.

Snapchat (blacchynala)

Snapchat (blacchynala)

Because she also mentioned a random male and a random female in the text, other people assume Tyga is actually bisexual.

We are EXTREMELY confused, to say the least.

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