Blac Chyna Didn’t Just (Possibly) Shade Kylie Jenner — But Stormi, Too!

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Once again, the Internet is convinced that one of Blac Chyna‘s latest posts has “Kylie Jenner shade” written all over it. Honestly, if we had a wig for every time Ky and Chy have shaded each other on Instagram — or any social media platform for that matter — you’d never be able to recognize us.

Anyway, the other day, the mother of two posted a pretty sultry photo of herself sitting in front of french doors while wearing a gold knitted two-piece ensemble, huge, round, mirrored sunglasses, and more importantly, a teal wig. First of all, if we look at the 29-year-old’s hairstyle alone, there’s potentially a huge nod to Kylizzle with the bright teal wig.

HOWEVER, when you see the caption, well, things might be shadier than we all realize. Alongside the image came a pretty moody caption that reads, “There are some things I learned best in storm, and some in calm.”

There are some things I learned best in storm, and some in calm.

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TBH, it was only a matter of time before Chyna voiced her opinion on Kylie’s sudden motherhood and choice of baby name. And to no one’s surprise, it came in the form of this cryptic Instagram quote. Obviously, fans think the “storm” reference is a direct call out to the makeup mogul’s daughter, Stormi Webster.

It could be argued that Chyna dropped the “storm” word on purpose to stir up some attention and drama. Or that the mother of two deliberately wanted to reignite her feud with Kylie. Another theory is that maybe Chy was feeling super profound and simply wanted to inspire her followers.

Regardless of the reason, it worked because here we are dedicating time to dissecting Chyna’s Instagram. Both ladies have subtly shading each other for years, but we have a feeling Ky’s new outlook on life may hold her back from responding to this one. Especially if this dig does involve her baby girl.