Blac Chyna Drops All But One of the Kardashian-Jenner Sisters From Lawsuit

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Welp, at least most of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters won’t have to worry about a lawsuit over the holidays. While Blac Chyna was once suing the entire Kardashian family for using their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season” of Rob & Chyna, Entertainment Tonight reports that the 29-year-old has removed all but one of the famous siblings from the lawsuit. Any guesses as to which remains? Ding ding ding — it’s Kim Kardashian!

“We recently filed an amended complaint to narrow the issues and parties in the case, which is about slut shaming, revenge porn, and killing Chyna’s show after she broke up with Rob [Kardashian],” Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told ET in a statement. “We will continue to aggressively fight for Chyna’s rights as the case proceeds.”

Dream Kardashian‘s mom is still suing Kris Jenner, KKW and her ex-fiance.

In the initial lawsuit, BC claimed that the famous family “family became media predators, slut-shaming her hon social media and killing her hit television show.”

Basically, in Chyna’s mind, the KarJenners caused her show to be cancelled, so therefore caused her to miss out on millions of dollars.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom continued in the October suit, “The unwritten rule no one told Ms. [Angela] White [Chyna’s real name] when she embarked on a relationship with Mr. Kardashian is: the entire family takes it personally if you leave and will come after you, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down. They will get your television show cancelled. They will go after your endorsement deals. They will condone slut-shaming of you. They will spread lies about you. They will claim you are a bad mother, without evidence.”

You’ll probably remember that Rob and Kylie Jenner previously filed their OWN lawsuit against Blac Chyna for allegedly assaulting the 30-year-old and causing about $100,000 in damages in the 20-year-old’s house.