6 Famous Female Group Members Who Came Out as Bisexual

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Pop music used to be the epitome of heteronormativity. When we were much younger it used to be shocking — even, controversial — for someone in the mainstream music industry to come out as queer. Music videos were (and TBH, still are, to a level) bombarded with images of guy-girl relationships ONLY and if there was any same-sex action goin’ on, it was simply to ~attract~ straight viewers.

Luckily, times are a-changin’ and pop music is getting more and more diverse by the minute. We’re seeing mega-successful musicians of all different shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientations come together to form unstoppable chart-topping bands. Even groups of the past are turning out to have a lot more diversity than we once thought (Lance Bass isn’t the only ‘90s pop-group person to come out after his time in the spotlight). Check out the 6 famous girl-group members who’ve bravely come out as bisexual below!