The 6 Most Epic Birthday Parties in Movies

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You know how you watch a scene in a movie and wish it was real life? Sigh. Us too. Especially when it comes to birthday parties. My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 premieres March 13 at 10pm ET on MTV, and the bday party in the movie is beyond epic (and gory, but we’ll get to that later). But what other flicks have too-good-to-be-true parties? We’ve picked our top 6 below:

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Like the parties in the first two movies of this trilogy, Skye’s sister’s sweet 16 ends up being kinda on the creepy side. But it takes place in a huge mansion and involves lots of fighting (plus a good ol’ fashioned sisterly cat fight), which is pretty kick-ass. Besides, there’s no such thing as a family gathering without a little drama. Amirite?

Birthday Party Scenes

New Moon: Bella Swan’s birthday party in the second Twilight flick was the best ever, full of hot vampires, tons of gifts and yummy food all for her. Well, at least until she got that paper cut that made the Cullens go crazy…

Bella Swan Paper Cut

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Harry’s 11th birthday in the first HP flick started out kinda sucky since, ya know, his family didn’t care about him, but then Hagrid comes in to save the day and tell Harry he’s a wizard. Forget a car. We want that news for our next birthday!

Harry Potter 11th Birthday Cake

Hannah Montana: The Movie:  Lily pretty much had the coolest party ever – it was on the beach, at a carnival, with the most epic cake ever that Nico popped out of. And even though Lily was angry that Hannah showed up to her party instead of her BFF Miley, she shouldn’t have complained. Best free concert ever!

Lily's Carnival Birthday Party in Hannah Montana: The Movie

Kick-Ass:  Chloe Moretz’ character Mindy gets the coolest toy ever during her birthday party – weapons! That she gets to kill bad guys with! It’s a shame her fellow-assassin slash dad died immeds after she got to use her shiny new gift, but whatever. We still wouldn’t mind giving those bad boys a run.

The House Bunny: Turning 27 like Anna Faris’ Shelley did is nothing special, but if our party took place at the Playboy mansion, included an 8-foot, sparkly birthday cake, and allowed us to wear glittery mini shorts and roller skates, we wouldn’t complain one bit about getting older.

What do you think is the most epic birthday party scene in a movie? Which of these parties would you most want to attend? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to check out Alex Bell’s drama-filled sweet 16 in My Super Psycho Sweet 16, on Tuesday, March 13 at 10/9c on MTV!