After Confusing EVERYONE, Miley Cyrus’ Dad Clarifies the Wedding Dress Rumors

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It was a Smiler’s dream come true: Miley Cyrus marrying the love of her life, Liam Hemsworth, in a secret ceremony — that’s how her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, made it seem on Friday, March 10, after he posted the following picture of the Hannah Montana alum in a white dress, along with the caption, “I’m so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus.”

I'm so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus.

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But, alas, the dream was short-lived. Not too long after the snapshot made headlines, Miley’s rep denied the rumors, saying, “[It was] just some great photos that happen to have been taken in a white dress.” The following day, MiCy’s little sister, Noah Cyrus, echoed the same sentiment, telling Entertainment Tonight at the Kids’ Choice Awards, “She’s not married.”

Billy was a bit more problematic, retweeting fans who believed that Miam got hitched. He fessed up a couple days after the initial photograph, posting the same screengrab, along with the caption, “Whoa! Don’t jump the gun. Been at work #StillTheKing Glad to see so many love @MileyCyrus the same as I do #happy”

However, none of that explained what on earth BRC was talking about; why did he write that caption with that snapshot? Don’t you worry — he finally got around to that today:

Are you reading that how we’re reading that? The 24-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer has new music on the way! And maybe a new music video!!! NGL, that makes us pretty #happy, too.
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