Billy Campbell Joins Emma Roberts in ‘Delirium’ Pilot

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It looks like Emma Roberts has herself a co-star. TVLine is reporting that Billy Campbell has landed the role of Thomas Fineman in FOX’s Delirium pilot. This particular casting is interesting (and a bit revealing), because the character of Thomas doesn’t show until Pandemonium, the second book in Lauren Oliver‘s trilogy.

To catch you up to speed — it was announced last week that Emma had been cast as Lena in FOX’s pilot based on the YA book, about a girl who lives in society where love is forbidden. All citizens must go through a procedure that takes away their ability to love, but Lena falls for a guy named Alex mere weeks before she’s to undergo the procedure.

Billy’s character Thomas is described as “a wealthy lobbyist who supports the use of the procedure … Despite his good looks and perfect image, though, Campbell’s character can be reduced to unbridled rage during times of trouble.” In fact, this casting leads many to believe they’ll be combining books for the potential TV series, as Thomas is the father of (SPOILER) Lena’s love interest, Julian, in the second book.

While you can never translate a book to screen perfectly, it appears as though they might be going for a love triangle aspect, a la Vampire Diaries. However, it remains to be seen until more people join the cast.

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