The 10 Biggest Overachievers Of The Year

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Lea Michele Ryan Gosling Selena Gomez 2011Ya know how at the end of the year you feel kinda bad about yourself because you didn’t do half the things you planned on doing? Well now you’re about to feel worse. Sorry. We just need to rub in your faces how successful these 10 celebs were this year, whom we’ve deemed as the 10 Biggest Overachievers of 2011. From making movies, music and tween girls everywhere jealous (that’s you, Selena Gomez) to starring in more critically-acclaimed movies than we can even count (hey, RyGos!), we present to you the biggest suck-ups of the year. And side note, we mean that in the nicest way possible.

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Leighton Meester
We’re not sure how Leighton found time to star in 3 flicks (Monte Carlo, The Roommate and Country Strong), make new music with her band and fulfill her Gossip Girl duties in 2011. We bet even Blake Livelycan’t help but be a little jeal.

Leighton Meester 2011

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Ryan Gosling
And speaking of Blake, her hookup buddy, Ryan, was quite occupied with hot women this year, too. Never mind the three amazing movies he starred in; Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive and The Ides Of March. It’s basically a full-time job to look as good as Ryan does so, yeah, dude was definitely working overtime on that one. Ryan Gosling Movies 2011

Ryan Seacrest
And that other Ryan guy still continues to amaze us. Seacrest hosts American Idol. He hosts E! News. He hosts his own radio show. He makes cameos in movies (like this one). We just. Don’t. Get it.

Ryan Seacrest 2011

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Selena Gomez
It’s not easy to record an album, film a TV show, headline your own tour, design your own clothing line, and star in a movie all in 365 days. It’s just not. Add in making time for tons of vacations and make-out sessions with your teen heartthrob boyfriend, Justin Bieber? Yes. Selena is officially the best multi-tasker ever.

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Emma Stone
We know, we know. We don’t need to go into the reasons why Emma rocked our socks this year. But can we anyway? Making it into 3 movies (all different genres, mind you) and onto 1,000 Best Dressed lists is no easy feat. And neither is snagging a hottie like Andrew Garfieldas your boyfriend. But we digress.

Emma Stone Movies 2011


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