The 12 Biggest Lies You’re Taught in School

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There are a lot of positive things about school and the education system as a whole. Forget about the grades and the lessons you learn for a second — school teaches you the value of hard work, how to interact in social situations, and how to get things done under pressure (among many other lessons). Unfortunately, there are also negative things about school, and one of them is the lies we are taught there. And yes, I understand that many of these lies have a purpose in the moment, but still… that doesn’t mean they’re helpful later in life.

I’m not trying to put down high school or college, and I’m certainly not trying to act like school isn’t necessary. It definitely is. But just like there are things teachers should be teaching students even though they aren’t, there are also things they maybe shouldn’t be telling students. Most of your teachers just want the best for you, and you should of course still listen to them, but… these Ask Reddit users pointed out some pretty interesting things that are worth thinking about. Here are the 12 biggest lies you’re taught in school:

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