15 WTF Celebrity Moments That Left Everyone Shocked AF in 2015

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Like every year in Celebrity History, 2015 was a big one. We probably say that every year, but it’s true, we tell you! In fact, if you gather up all of the shenanigans that our favorite famous people get themselves involved in during any given year, it’s bound to be an overwhelming collection. It’s just that this year was especially chaotic, full of celebrity missteps and shockers that NO ONE could see coming. (Our image of Bill Cosby will never be the same; let’s never speak of him again, okay?)

While the more well-known bunch avoided going way overboard this year (unlike some people, ahem, Sam Pepper), they still weren’t able to manage exiting the past 365 days without a huge scandal or two to their names. And, as an act of holiday cheer, we’re here to point them all out in this year’s round-up of the 15 celebrity moments that made you say “WTF” the loudest: