The Big Time Rush Guys’ First Kisses Were Just As Awkward As Yours!

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You’re not alone in your uncomfortable first-time smooches — the Big Time Rush guys have endured them as well! While Carlos PenaVega actually admits to having feelings for the girl who took his kissing virginity, none of the other guys really did. Like we said, AWKWARD.

To further the cringe, a couple of the lip-locks happened while their friends were watching. Awk to the max! To bring you up to speed on the BTR’s first spit-swaps, here’s what the guys had to say:

Carlos PenaVega — “When I was 13 I had my first kiss at summer camp with a girl named Nandy Alvarez. She was from Mexico and I was head over heels,” says the now-married 26-year-old. “I would write her every day because the girls’ camp was about 10 miles away from the guys’ camp.” And that’s the last adorable thing you’ll hear throughout the duration of this post.

James Maslow — “My first-ever kiss, I think, was during a game.” Umm… what do you mean, ‘think?’ How do you not know, James?! “We were on a school trip…” Then, the cliche occurred: Truth or Dare. “It was somebody that I had known for a while and it was a cute girl, but it was a little awkward ’cause we didn’t plan on kissing, but, you know, we were young, so…”

Kendall Schmidt — KS’ was cringe-worthy for an entirely different reason in the sense that it was borderline pedophilic. “Mine was definitely awkward ’cause I was 13 and I kissed a 17- or 18-year-old — I don’t remember what she was at the time — but it was, like, my first real kiss.” Vom. “It was extremely awkward after that ’cause I don’t think that she had been planning on kissing a 13-year-old. But I was a big 13-year-old, so I looked kind of… not 13.”

Logan Henderson — James is not the only one who had onlookers. “I forgot how young I was… I guess 13 or 14?… It was a very schoolyard-type thing ’cause it was, like, me and her in the center, it was all the kids around the outside and they’re like, ‘Kiss her, kiss her!’ And so we kissed.” Well, kids will be kids.

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