Celeb Battle: Whose Album Are You More Excited For, Big Time Rush’s or Rihanna’s?

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Ok, so you’re probably confused and thinking that there’s not much in common between Big Time Rush‘s “Elevate”and Rihanna‘s “Talk that Talk”. One’s an album produced by Nickelodeon and one’s, um, definitely not. But both of them came out yesterday so, ya know, there’s that. And you know where we’re going with this, right? We wanna know which album you think is better! And which you were more excited for! And, like, other stuff!

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Here’s a few things to help guide your judgment:

Splash News

Big Time Rush’s newest single is “Music Sounds Better With U.” The vid is right hereif you haven’t seen it yet!


RiRi’s already got two singles off of “Talk That Talk.” — “We Found Love” and her new one, “You Da One.” Oh, and did we mention this scandalous music vidgoes along with it?!

Ok, so which is it gonna be? Make sure to tell us which album you like better/are more excited for/etc in the comments and don’t leave before you vote!

Oh! And make sure you tweet this out to all the Rushers and #rihannanavy so your pick wins! Ready, go!