All the Big Time Rush Casting Secrets That’ll Shock Even Diehard BTR Fans

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Last time we spoke to Kendall Schmidt, he wanted all Big Time Rush fans to know that they definitely haven’t heard the last from the group just yet. “You’ll always be a band if you really care about the guys and are willing to work together, so I don’t see anything that would hold us back from working together again,” he said. “Of course we talk about [working together again] and I think whenever it lines up with what everyone is doing, because we’re all so busy, I don’t see a reason why something special and fun wouldn’t happen.”

While this “something special and fun” hasn’t occurred quite yet, we have faith that Kendall, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega will, in fact, resurrect BTR in the near future. While we’re waiting for the reunion to happen, let’s take a minute to reflect on the Nickelodeon show that started it all — Big Time Rush. No Rusher’s life would be the same without the series, but it took the network years to make sure it was up to the standards that were set by shows like iCarly, Zoey 101, etc.

1. Big Time Rush almost happened without Kendall Schmidt — We can’t imagine BTR without the blond cutie, but the show (and band) first existed sans KS. James, Carlos and Logan got cast in the Nickelodeon series with Curt Hansen, who later ended up playing Dak Zevon on the show. The foursome filmed a pilot episode for the network, but soon realized that something was missing — and that’s where the 25-year-old came in. “We shot a pilot without Kendall and realized that we needed a Kendall,” Carlos told Time for Kids back in 2013. “Everyone needs a Kendall,” the Heffron Drive singer replied. TRUE DAT!

2. Logan Henderson bombed his audition — Logan Henderson has an amazing voice, but he never thought singing was in his future. “I thought Big Time Rush was such an odd audition for me,” he told The Journal Gazette. “Especially with the singing. I am an actor at heart and that was really what I was going out for. After the audition happened, it was one of those where I went away thinking, ‘Okay, I guess I’ll just forget about that one.'” The did forget about the role for a while, but two years later Nick producers called him up and told him he got the part. “We were cast based on our acting first, and then on how we meshed with one another. Recording music came next.”



3. Like Logan, James Maslow sent his audition tape in 2007 and didn’t hear back for two years — All the boys (other than Kendall) went through a grueling audition process to star on Big Time Rush. Although the 26-year-old had no idea if he was what Nick execs were looking for, he beat out thousands of young stars and landed the role of James Diamond.

Speaking of shocking Big Time Rush news, these BTR actors all dated a co-star IRL: