8 Times the Big Time Rush Cast Reunited After the Show Ended

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Brace yourselves, people, ’cause we’re about to blow your minds — the last episode of Big Time Rush aired almost FOUR YEARS AGO. How is that even possible?! James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt hit the peak of their acting and musical careers thanks to their Nickelodeon television show that premiered on the iconic network in 2009. Before One Direction blew up and took over the pop-music scene, BTR was alllll the rage. Like, the only time we cried more than when the small-screen hit ended was when Zayn Malik left 1D. It was intense.

The two bands have always faced comparisons, especially since the British foursome opened for the Nick stars on their 2012 tour. While they always tried to differentiate themselves, they definitely are pretty similar. Like One Direction, Big Time Rush never broke up — they simply went on “hiatuses” and vowed to team up to make music together again in the future. The bands also made a promise that they would still best friends despite the separation, which — if we’re being honest — the Nickelodeon quad is doing better at keeping. The guys hang out quite frequently, and while it’s kinda rare for all four of them to hang, we often see pairs doing fun things together.

“We’re best friends,” Kendall said when we asked him about his relationship with his co-stars last year.

Sometimes celebs use the BFF label pretty loosely, but the proof is in the pudding. Here are all the times the Big Time Rush cast hung out AFTER the television series ending, proving that they’ll be besties for LIFE!