What We’ll Miss Most About ‘Big Time Rush’ (The TV Show, Not Boy Band)

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Just in case you still had a shred of hope that Big Time Rush would come back, we're sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth has finally been released: The hit Nickelodeon series will NOT be returning for a fifth season.

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In an interview with Huffington Post Teen, the foursome confirmed what we pretty much knew at the end of Season 4, "Let's put it this way: The episodic 28-minute Big Time Rush episodes are done." BUT, rather than focus on the discontinuation of BTR, we wanna focus on all the best moments from the comedy with what we'll miss most:

Logan's Facial Expressions

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James' Hair
(no matter what length)

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Carlos' Helmet

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The On-Screen Bromance

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What will you miss most about Big Time Rush? Are you bummed the show's not returning to Nickelodeon, or do you think it was the right time to say goodbye? Tell us in the comments!

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