14 Extremely Bad Lessons Big Time Rush Taught You

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Big Time Rush was such a great show. Kendall’s musical talents paired with Carlos’ absurd fashion sense are just two reasons we will always love the Nickelodeon hit. Plus, it gave us the actual Big Time Rush band, which was another killer boy band that we could swoon over. Despite all the positives, the hilarious comedy also taught us some seriously bad lessons.

If you thought Nickelodeon’s Victorious had terrible life lessons, then you will be even more surprised by the negative things you learned while watching BTR:

1. Singing solves everything. Come on, this is definitely not accurate.

2. Your parents would be totally okay with you moving cross-country without them. Ya, no they wouldn’t. This show revolves around four guys moving away from home with only one parent, which would never fly. Even if your parents are super cool they would want to help you navigate your new life.

3. It only takes three days to become a pop group. This is NOT how life works. It takes way more than three days to prove to someone you should be taken seriously in the entertainment industry.

4. All of your friends are going to be talented. This is highly unlikely and stupid. You should like your friends no matter how talented they are. You need to like them for just being themselves, duh.

5. You can steal someone’s swagger (or popularity). Ya, this is insane. Logan and James’ swagger battle is so strange. If you are popular, it doesn’t automatically make someone less popular.

6. Adults are useless. Big Time Rush makes adults out to be SO stupid and unhelpful, but in reality adults do know a lot and you should ask them for advice… most of the time.

7. If you want to meet a celebrity they will magically appear. Wrong! Despite the fact that in the show, the boys want to meet Jordin Sparks and she then shows up, in real life that doesn’t happen. Sorry.

8. School doesn’t matter. School is important, yet no shows tells you this. It’s so bizarre.

9. Your mom fighting your battles is a good thing. When Katie is insulted Mrs. Knight actually fights another mom. That is not okay in any case. Yes, your mom should totally support you, but physically fighting anyone is NOT cool.

10. Dating your friend’s ex is normal. When James starts to date Lucy after she breaks up with Kendall everyone pretends like it is a totally normal thing to do. It’s really not cool to date your friend’s ex. Plus, it is very awkward.

11. Being bullied by your boss is allowed. Even though Gustavo is the guy’s manager it doesn’t give him the right to treat them poorly. You should always be nice to others it’s the golden rule!

12. Boys are all dramatic. Yes, the show wouldn’t be half as funny if the characters weren’t so over the top, but in the real world that would be completely annoying. The good thing is that most boys are actually not dramatic at all.

13. Slapping your BF is fine if you kiss them before or after. Wow, this is beyond twisted. Logan is always getting slapped and kissed by Camille and it makes no sense. You don’t slap the ones you love. You just don’t.

14. Wearing a helmet won’t get you made fun of. Carlos we love you but take off the hockey helmet! Don’t wear helmets unless you actually need one. Trust us.

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