Big Time Rush to Reveal New Deets On Their Upcoming Album –Today!

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Courtesy of Nickelodeon

If you were on Twitter last night, then the numbers 11/21/11 probably mean something to you since they were such a huge trending topic. But what exactly do they mean outside their Twitter fame? Now that you asked, it’s probably the release date of Big Time Rush‘s upcoming album! And at 6pm ET today, the boys men of BTR are doing a LIVE chat via their official Ustream channel, where they’ll be announcing their new album giving you the scoop on all their new music.

To celebrate 11/21 fever, we’ve gathered 11 of the best fan-made pics from BTR’s Facebook photo album. Let the countdown to epicness begin!

11. The one problem here? It reminds us of summer. Wah!

10. If these were tix to see BTR, this would’ve been perf!

9. How to make good use of all your old Beanie Babies.

8. The Jack-o’-lanterns make so much sense right now. But what happens when November hits?

7. Can’t you just picture this somewhere in Times Square?

6. Sunglasses. Ya know, ’cause the boys are so cool hot?

5. We wouldn’t have ranked this one so high, but the fact that each of the guys’ names are in every post made these sticky notes that much better.

4. They are a boy band after all…

3. How awesome would it be to get “leid” by Carlos, James, Logan and Kendall?!

2. Two of our fave things: Candy & BTR.

1. The obvious winner. Big Time Rush holding up 11/21/11 themselves!

Which one was your fave? Did you come up with your own version? Tell us how you made it, then tweet a pic to us @Teen!