Pics, Interviews, And Tons of Deets From The Set of The Coolest (Literally) New Movie, Big Miracle (Exclusive)

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What was it like when we got to visit the set of the upcoming movie Big Miracle? Um, very, very cold. It was in Alaska after all. But we’d say that hanging out for a few days with the movie’s stars like Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski and Kristen Bell made the below freezing temps worthwhile, eh? The movie is based on a true story and is basc about a reporter (John) who goes to Alaska to cover a story about saving a family of whales trapped by ice in the Arctic. Add in some other wannabe reporters (Kristen) and an ex-girlfriend (that would be Drew) and, ya, that kinda stuff (Comedy! Romance! Drama!) does a movie make.

We’ve got exclusive pics and interviews with the cast! Check ’em out below:

Kristen, on how to go after your goal (She plays a fiery, ambitious reporter): “Get a self-help book. No, I mean, I’m definitely not qualified to give out that kind of advice, but for me personally, just keeping your goal in mind every day and kind of having that be your mantra that you wake up to every morning is really important.”

Drew, on the same exact thing (She plays a chick who’s standing up for her cause): “Nothing comes from just passion alone. It comes from this incredible diligence. I think you can change things. You can have an effect. You can pull off the impossible if you really work at something.”

Kristen, on how to make the cold cute: “I actually love the cold because I grew up in Detroit and I love bundling up and there’s a lot of cute stuff you can do with warm-weather clothes, so it doesn’t get boring.”

Drew and John, on not caring whether or not you look cute in the cold: “Must haves would be these little hot packs. I think they’re called Little Hotties. You’re gonna wanna trust that.” — John

“I’ve got gloves and what I’d love for Little Hotties to do is to develop little fingers and then life would be really good. The fingers and the toes were most important to keep warm. Smart wools, Capolines, definitely like windy proof layers – lots and lots of layers – and the feet warmers. — Drew

Kristen, on the coolest part about being in Alaska (no pun intended): “When we first got here, we drove to Seward [Alaska] and went to the aquatic center for life and took a backstage tour of the sea lions and the Steller sea lions, which was really cool and they sort of let you interact with them, which was really fun. It’s not a really funny story, but it’ll go in my memory book. I liked it.”

John, on the coolest part about the movie: “For me, the opportunity to play a whale is a once in a lifetime gig.”

Ps, he’s kidding.

Big Miracle hits February 3, 2012! Watch the trailer below and tell us — will you see the flick? Do you love Kristen and Drew?