18 Struggles All Girls With Big Boobs Understand

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Some people wish to have bigger breasts, but all those who were cursedblessed with big boobs from the get-go know that a big chest is not always a good thing. Carrying around two heavy masses on your chest isn’t as easy as it looks, people!

From issues working out to clothes that never fit quite right, here are some struggles all girls with big boobs understand:

1. Exercising requires two sports bras. No matter how supportive they claim to be, it’s never enough.

2. And no matter how many bras you wear, running is never an option. Unless you want to be in severe pain the whole time.

3. Button-down shirts are basically impossible to wear. No matter what size you get, they always end up gapping at your chest, which is not attractive.

4. In general, shirts tend to fit you awkwardly. If they fit across your chest, they’re too big everywhere else and vice versa.

5. You can never buy a bathing suit set. Because you always have to get a bigger size top than bottom.

6. Bras basically only come in black, white and nude. Since when does a large cup size equal a lack of cute patterns and fun colors?!

7. But no matter the color, you dread putting one on in the morning. It’s like a freakin’ workout in itself!

8. And get overwhelmed with joy when it’s time to take it off. The second you get home from a long day and the bra comes off is just about the happiest moment of all time.

9. Strapless bras are a no-go. Having to pull them up every five seconds isn’t worth it.

10. Which means you’re forced to get creative when you wear shirts with interesting straps. From safety pins to paper clips, you’ve done it all!

Contradicting Harmony

Contradicting Harmony

11. Necklaces get lost in the abyss. “Look at my cute pendant! Oh wait, it’s stuck in my cleavage.”

12. Sleeping on your stomach never lasts long. It hurts after a little bit, okay!

13. Even the most basic outfits end up looking inappropriate. Want to wear a cotton v-neck to the mall? LOL Nope!

14. You’ve gotten used to having bra strap marks on your shoulders. They don’t even hurt anymore.



15. Boob sweat is your worst nightmare. But it’s pretty much impossible to avoid.

16. When you eat, a million crumbs end up stuck in your shirt. You could probably have a second meal later if you wanted to.

17. People always think it’s okay to ask you your bra size. FYI — it’s not.

18. Your complaints get no sympathy. Because your friends don’t see the problem with having a large chest.

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