Bianca Lawson: The Girl You Never Knew Starred on 15(!) of Your Fave Shows

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Tumblr (somerhalder-rpc)

Tumblr (somerhalder-rpc)

She starred on every single show you’ve ever watched, but did you know her name before this moment? Chances are, probably not. Nevertheless, Bianca Lawson‘s resume is absolutely stacked — Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, oh my! — so we felt it absolutely necessary to give her major props. Heck, she even has Save the Last Dance on there. (FYI, if that had you thinking “Waitaminute, how old is she?” The answer is nearly 35!)

To prove to you how kick-ass she is, we included 15 TV series you’ve probably seen her in, but maybe you just haven’t realized. They date back to over 20 years ago!