Bhad Bhabie Gets Revenge on Online Predators in New MV with Bella Thorne

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Bhad Bhabie just dropped a brand-new music video, with Bella Thorne as a special guest, and it’s… interesting, to say the least. Actually, we’re not gonna lie, the visual is BEYOND creepy.

Danielle Bregoli, as you know her, just released the music video for her song, “Trust Me,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and to call it a bit disturbing is an understatement. Let us explain:

In the video, the rapper is seen chatting with a guy online and he asks her to meet up with him. She then asks the guy she’s been chatting with to send her a picture to prove that he’s legit, but it turns out the photo he sent the star is a fake and that he’s actually a middle-aged child predator in real life. Scary!

Thankfully, Bhad Bhabie catches on immediately and makes a plan to capture this creep — who has done this several times before to other underage girls, by the way. The rapper then sets a trap by agreeing to meet him in a park but sends the “B*tch, I’m Bella Thorne” singer as a decoy while she stabs him in the neck with a sleeping sedative to knock him out.

Once the guy is out cold, the 15-year-old takes him to an undisclosed location where he awakes tied up while wearing a wife beater and, judging from the plastic hanging everywhere, it’s clear that it’s about to be a very bloody situation. The video ends with Bhad Bhabie getting ready to brand the predator with a mark that says “pedo” right on his forehead.

So, all in all, the video was pretty wild, but according to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie specifically chose this concept for her music video because it was a way to connect with her young fans and inform them on the dangers of online sexual predators. Gotta love music videos with positive, underlying messages (no matter how creepy), right??