Beyonce’s Flying Stage Malfunctions in the Middle of Her Concert

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Everything was going smoothly during Beyonce and Jay Z‘s performance in Warsaw, Poland… until it wasn’t. But you know what they all say? Even if something goes wrong at the end of a show, the show must go on and, like the professionals they are, the Carters definitely kept the show going.

These days, many huge artists tend to incorporate incredible, over-the-top theatrics to their live shows. Kanye West had a floating stage for his Saint Pablo Tour, Travis Barker literally straps himself to his drum set and flies above his bandmates during blink 182 concerts and Yonce and Jay Z? Well, they literally elevate into the sky during their own shows. At least… that was what was supposed to happen the night of their show in Warsaw, Poland.

Unfortunately, during this part of the concert, the couple’s floating stage got jammed or somehow malfunctioned and ended up freezing right towards the end of the show. The whole show was going so smoothly up until then.

If you watch a longer cut of the video, you can see the singer and her husband spend a few beats looking around the floating stage, searching for an exit until Bey makes her way to a ladder provided by the stagehands.

It does end up taking Queen Bey a while to get down the ladder, but, honestly, who can blame her? If we tried to climb down a ladder in those thigh-high boots, we would definitely be in trouble. So kudos to B for making climbing down a ladder in thigh high boots look so easy.