5 of Beyonce’s Most Mindblowing Surprise Announcements

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They don't call her Queen B for nothing! Over the last decade, Beyonce has more than proved her "royal" status, and while most of it comes from her musical talents, there are other moments that have made her who she is today. (One of the biggest stars the world has ever seen.)

So, in honor of not only that, but the fact she just changed the game and dropped a secret album (!), we rounded up five time where BK totally proved she's on another level of perfection. Check them out below!

1. When She Announced Her Pregnancy…Without Saying a WORD.

While most celebrities make announcements on Twitter or the cover of some tabloid, all Beyonce did was cradle her growing baby bump at the 2011 Video Music Awards. First, she did it while walking the red carpet, and again after performing "Love on Top."


2. Keeping Her Weddings Dress Under Wraps…For THREE YEARS.

Beyonce has always been a private person, but when she and Jay Z got married on April 4, 2008, very few details were known. Heck, we didn't even get to see her dress until she released the music video for "I Was Here" in 2011. Talk about keeping it under lock and key!


3. When She SLAYED the National Anthem After Lip Syncing Rumors

During the Presidential Inauguration in January 2013, the Internet practically exploded when it was reported that Beyonce had been lip syncing the National Anthem. Instead of releasing any statements, she waited until her Super Bowl performance press conference just a couples weeks later, and floored the room with a LIVE rendition of the National Anthem. When she was done, all she said was, "Any questions?" BOW DOWN!

4. Taking to Tumblr to Show Blue Ivy to the World

Proving she's up to all the hip new trends, instead of tweeting a photo or letting the paparazzi cash in on the first shots of her baby girl Blue Ivy (born on January 7, 2012), Beyonce and Jay Z release the photos via Tumblr. So. Cool.


5. Bringing Out Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl

It might have been the worst kept secret of the year, but Beyonce went back to her girl group roots when she had a Destiny's Child reunion during her Super Bowl performance. Their entrance was pretty amazing too. (We bet it was Beyonce's idea.)


What's your fave Beyonce moment? And are you excited for her new music? Sound off in the comments section!

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