Beyonce Responds to Solange Elevator Fight with Jay Z

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Refined Guy

In the latest installment of the epic Solange vs. Jay Z battle, Beyonce is finally publicly speaking out regarding the incident. Well, kinda. Queen Bey took the phrase 'a picture's worth 1000 words' to heart as she posted four adorable pics of herself and her baby sister on Instagram this morning.

Although there were no words besides 'Good Morning,' the photos clearly show the Knowles girls smiling and having a great time with each other. Beyonce has never been one to feed into tabloid speculation, so it doesn't surprise us that chose to respond by reminding people of how great her relationship with Solange is.

The Instagram swarm comes just a day after Solange deleted all but one picture of Beyonce on her own page, which is as confusing to you as it is to us. Perhaps Bey was trying to show Solange that she forgives her via Instagram? Who really knows?

In other confusing Beyonce news, it looks like she removed the 'IV' from her ring finger! All Beyonce fans know that four is her and Jay's lucky number and he even has a tat to match. What is going on?! Weigh in on the situation in the comments below!

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