11 Things Beyonce Looked Like at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

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Although Miley Cyrus‘ many looks were what everyone was talking about at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, this year is all about the queen — Beyonce, that is. But just because the singer can show up to a red carpet wearing a literal trash bag and people would bow at her feet doesn’t mean she’s safe from being meme’d

1. A Pokemon:

2. A Hunger Games character:

3. The Ice Queen:

4. Vaporeon:

5. One of everyone’s favorite Christmas-movie characters:

6. Effie Trinket:

7. This Wizard of Oz character:

8. A straight ostrich:

9. The Snow Queen:

10. ANOTHER Pokemon:

11. An adorable dog:

Remember ‘Becky with the Good Hair?’ Here are all the stars who COULD’VE been the now iconic Bey song character: