These are the 8 Movies Beyoncé Recorded Songs for Before The Lion King

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Saying that Beyoncé is the biggest, most talented and influential artist in the world right now is not only super obvious, but it’s also an understatement. Beyoncé has constantly been impressing the world with new music since 1997 and every year she somehow gets better and better. Over the years, Bey has turned into a pop culture icon and just her name evokes feelings of passion, joy and excitement. With that much power, it’s somewhat surprising that she hasn’t been forced to become a leading lady in a movie. Yes, she’s been in some flicks like Dreamgirls, Pink Panther and Austin Powers in Goldmember, but she hasn’t turned into a full-on Blockbuster actor like Dwayne Johnson.

Although she is still spending most of her time in the studio, one of the most exciting pieces of Beyoncé news actually came with a movie announcement when it was revealed that Bey herself would be bringing Nala to life in the live-action remake of The Lion King. We can’t wait to see Bey take on this iconic character — but it won’t be the first time that we’ll hear her voice on the big screen. Queen Bey has lent her voice to be on tons of movie soundtracks, and we’re giving you the deets on all of them: