Must-Watch Vid: Beyonce Proves For Real That “A Little Sweat Ain’t Hurt Nobody”

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True story: We hate gym class. Hate it. There’s nothing worse than a lazy old teacher in a tracksuit trying to get us to shoot hoops. But if our Phys Ed class had a teach in the form of Beyonce? Something tells us we’d never be skipping gym class again. And for some lucky students at some random school, B got her cardio on, dancing with the kids to her song “Move Your Body” in their school cafeteria.

See, working out can totally be fun!

The vid is actually part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign, which tries to combat childhood obesity by getting them to be more active. And no, you probs won’t look like Beyonce after her “Move Your Body” workout, but this video is kinda cool so, whatever. We’ll take it.

Watch the vid below!

What’d you think of the vid? Can you dance like those kids and Beyonce? We wanna know in the comments!